'Divine Verses' focuses on Dua in Ramadan

The class was filmed by Saira Sikandar. Memphis Islamic Center's Youth Director Safi Khan discussed Dua in Ramadan on June 16 with Ramadan's completion less than a week away.

'Meals on Wheels' feeds 180 in three hours

As the sun rose in the morning of Saturday June 17, so did the Muslim youth of Memphis as they united together at the Memphis InterFaith Association center to participate in the “Meals on Wheels” event. At 10 a.m., all attendees gathered inside the MIFA center, splitting up into groups and receiving different routes. The groups then dispersed and began the distribution process which lasted about an hour. As all the distributors completed their tasks, the attendees returned to the MIFA center to reflect on their experiences, discussing different ways to further help those in need and the effects that this event has on the city as a whole. Bringing out over 40 individuals, the community was ab

'One Hand Refugee Drive Distribution' gifts 43 families

Several volunteers helped with the "One Hand Refugee Drive Distribution" on June 23 and June 24 by delivering gifts just in time for Eid to families located in the River Trace Apartments near Pleasant View School, as well as several families in the Binghampton area. For the last two weeks of Ramadan, members of both Memphis Islamic Center and Masjid ar-Rahman donated toys and money for the annual "Eid Toy Drive" for the refugee families housed in Memphis. With the funds collected, families were supplied with gifts and gift cards for purchasing new clothes at a nearby Old Navy. This year's drive provided 43 families in Memphis gifts. The families were all extremely grateful for the gifts and

'Divine Verses' class discusses 'muflehoon'

Donuts, dua and delicious candy filled Friday night’s "Divine Versus" class held by youth director Safi Khan at the Memphis Islamic Center. About thirty youth showed up to Friday’s event, discussing the term "muflehoon." “Safi’s class was enlightening as usual,” said Sahil Malani. “It was splendid and always a great way to spend Friday nights.” The term "muflehoon" is defined as believers who attain success not only in this world but as well as the hereafter. “The class that Safi teaches is a good learning environment and at the same time, lots of fun,” said Safwan Arshad. Khan showcased the importance of being Islamicly correct in today’s society in efforts to obtain success. While the Prop

'Feed the City' makes a comeback this Ramadan

One of the original community service events of 901 Ummah, Feed the City made a comeback this Ramadan on June 11 at Morris Park as part of a series of community service opportunities. Volunteers made the trip downtown to the park and set up tables to pack lunches and hand out to the people around the area. Lunches included sandwiches, fruit, water, and snacks. Over 100 lunches were packed and handed out that afternoon to very appreciative Memphians. "I never knew about this. Tim (Wilson) called me this morning and asked if I wanted some extra hasanat (good deeds)," said Abdul Wahab Siddiqi, one of the volunteers. He was glad he came out which was the general feeling from everyone there. In a

'Sacred Scrolls' class focuses on dua

Safi Khan, the youth director at the Memphis Islamic Center, hosted the second of his educational series titled “Sacred Scrolls” on June 11 at MIC with spaghetti and garlic bread for attendees to enjoy. The program is meant for college students and young professionals, a demographic that has often been overlooked in the past. This week’s session focused on the etiquettes of dua. Using the example of Prophet Zakariyah and his famous dua, Khan discussed some practical steps to improve one’s dua. “I really benefitted from this discussion and am excited about practicing what I learned here on a daily basis” said Hasan Arshad, a college student at the University of Memphis. Of course, no youth pr

Annual MIC fundraiser raises funds for the next phase

Memphis Islamic Center's annual fundraiser for the construction of its new facility took place on June 10 at the Esplanade Banquet and Conference Center in Cordova with the goals to fulfill the next step. This year's fundraiser aimed to gather funds for the next phase of the project, completing the interior of the building. The night began with a Quran recitation from Sheikh Ibrahim Sabri, MIC's guest imam this Ramadan and featured a testimonial from Sheikh Yasir Qadhi who discussed the new masjid drawing inspiration from architecture in Cordoba, Spain. Dr. Basher Shala also provided an update on the construction. The fundraising portion of the event also featured an auction for funds to be

901 Ummah participates in Mid-south Food Bank

901 Ummah participated in Big Mobile Food Distribution with Catholic Charities of West Tennessee on June 8 at Resurrection Catholic Church where volunteers packaged and distributed food. They arrived at Resurrection Catholic Church church at 8:30 a.m., and proceeded to package and hand out food products until 12 p.m., after which they helped the Church clean up their parking lot and volunteers received free t-shirts. The effort was made possible by many volunteers, provided by 901 Ummah, as well as the church's own members and another Church youth's camp group. The volunteers helped provide food for over 200 families, and provided an invaluable service to the community. "We're helping others

Youth director brings back 'Divine Verses'

After several weeks of “A Beautiful Life,” Youth Director Safi Khan brought back his popular series “Divine Verses" on June 2 at Memphis Islamic Center. Khan focused on the importance of Surah Baqarah and its stress relieving and guiding qualities. Additionally, he mentioned Surah Baqarah is known for its great power which is especially highlighted in Ayatul Kursi. Khan continued his talk with explaining Allah’s plan is always better than what people plan for themselves. “You might think certain things are good for you but they end up being bad for you and you might think certain things are bad for you but they end up being good for you,” Khan said. He ended the night with reminding the yout

901 Ummah hosts a youth interfaith Iftar at MIC

Safi Khan, youth director at the Memphis Islamic Center, organized a Youth Interfaith Iftar on June 7th at MIC with food and small talks on interfaith. A youth group from Farmington Presbyterian Church joined youth from MIC. Over good food and under the peaceful summer night sky, the church youth group got to hear the adhan, learned about fasting, and got to participate in an iftar dinner. “I really enjoyed this event because I got to talk about Islam but also got to learn more about another faith tradition” said Sahil Malani, a 901 Ummah member. Members of both groups thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people from different faith backgrounds. "While it was tough to miss the Cavs

Memphis Muslims host the '11th Annual Interfaith Dinner'

"Memphis Interfaith" hosted its 11th Annual Interfaith Dinner on June 4 at the Esplanade Banquet and Conference Center where politicians, religious clergy and non-Muslims ate Iftar and dinner celebrating social justice. The dinner allows Muslims and non-Muslims to "break bread" and build an understanding despite the difference in faith. "Why'd I come tonight? Well they asked me to come speak and so I was excited to come because of the focus on social justice and the fact that it was interfaith, to see so many people coming together under the umbrella of social justice thats what its gonna take," said Reverend Stacy Spencer of New Direction Christian Church, one of the speakers of the event.

Community celebrates youth at 901 Ummah fundraiser

901 Ummah fundraiser brought out the entire community to celebrate and support their accomplishments on Tuesday at the Great Hall in Germantown, Tennessee with talented performances, engrossing speakers, and iftar. With MC Saira Sikandar and Fatema Habib, the night started off with a Quran recitation followed by 6 various community speakers including Malik Shaw, Abdallah Hussain, Asad Ansari, Danish Siddiqui, Sheikh Yasir Qadhi and Imam Anwar Arafat. Along with the testimonials, Sikandar showcased her 901 Ummah short film that highlighted the numerous events the organization has hosted and displayed the tightknit bond of all of its members. "The event was a great way to remember everything w

Youth get in the Ramadan spirit and feed cancer patients' families

901 Ummah fed cancer patients' families at Ronald McDonald house on Tuesday getting in the spirit just days before the start of Ramadan. Ronald McDonald house is a "home-away-from-home" for St. Jude patients and their families. The families undergo exhausting and stressful days at St. Jude that many are unable to cook dinner so many organizations volunteer their time to bring and serve food to the families. "I think its very important," said Luz Vargas, the operations assistant at Ronald McDonald house. "Most of the families are wanting to eat here, specially if they have treatment and they cannot ride in a bus or go outside. They don't have a car (that) they can go drive to a restaurant bec

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