Good manners are Islamic manners, a "A Beautiful Life" edition

Youth director Safi Khan covered the Prophet’s (PBUH) good manners and struggles as he received his first few revelations at this week's "A Beautiful Life" at Memphis Islamic Center on Friday night.

Khan emphasized the importance of manners, explaining quality weighs more than quantity.

“It doesn’t matter how much Quran you know and how many times you pray during the day, if you can’t act well and if you cannot act in an Islamic manner around your family and your friends and your community, that knowledge has no stock,” Khan said to attendees.

In Surah Qalam, Allah (SWT) speaks about combining knowledge with character, saying one cannot survive without the other.

Khan continued with explaining there was no prophet that was not met with hatred. All prophets went through hardships and difficulties just as we do today.

These stories in the Quran are very relatable to our times.

“When Allah loves you the most, you know that he loves you a lot when he tests you,” Khan said.

Many people believe the opposite- if we are going through a hard time then Allah does not love us.