Youth night at Masjid Ar-Rahman engages youth in discussion and fun

April 12, 2017

Masjid Ar-Rahman held its first Youth Night on Saturday night and brought out young guys and girls from around the area.


The event started with a social barbeque at Memphis Islamic Center and progressed into the night. Individuals from different masjids gave short talks on the importance of being young Muslims.


After Maghrib prayer, Ar-Rahman Program Director Omar Alani and MIC Youth Director Safi Khan joined forces and talked together on the topic of the night.


At Isha prayer, Imam Abdullah from Masjid As-Salam added beneficial points to the discussion.


"We're all in this, we need to work together,” said Alani in regards to bringing different people from other areas of the city.


The rest of the night included activities, games, qiyam, and Fajr prayer. This will be a monthly event on the second Saturday of every month. Locations may rotate to different Masjids.

Photo by Sameer Mansour

The boys listen to Khan and Alani. 


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