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'Team Fajr' engages youth in morning hike

"Team Fajr" provided an interesting twist to the usual routine on Sunday with a hike at Shelby Farms park.

After praying Fajr at Memphis Islamic Center, the youth carpooled with Youth Director Safi Khan to Shelby Farms.

The group began the three-mile hike on Chickasaw Trail at 6 a.m. and ended at 8 a.m. The hike provided an amazing scene as the trail and hills slowly lit up as the sun rose.

During the hike, the youth tossed around a tennis ball and had a great time, even when said tennis ball was thrown into a nearby lake twice and had to be retrieved.

Following the hike, Sahil Malani, a senior at Harding Academy, gave a brief reminder to be assembled youth about the importance of caring for and helping one's parents, especially in the upcoming month of Ramadan.

After a morning of hiking, the youth went to iHop to enjoy some pancakes and coffee.

Muaz Khan, one of the younger attendees, related how he enjoyed the variation "901 Ummah provides in its activities."

Photo by Saira Sikandar

The youth continue on the hike as the sun rises.

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