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Youth director starts off Ramadan with a young professionals class

Youth Director Safi Khan started his new young professionals and college students halaqa on Sunday which brought individuals together to learn more about the Prophet Musa;s (AS) life.

The new class, "Sacred Scrolls," is a biweekly interactive discussion on works of contemporary scholars and classical texts that highlight lessons for young professionals and college students.

Khan explained how Prophet Musa (AS) was a fugitive from Egypt because of a accident. Musa (AS) came upon two men fighting. Musa (AS) stepped into the fight and struck one of the men with one ferocious blow. He immediately fell to the ground and died. Musa (AS) was overcome with grief and left.

Eventually, Musa (AS) arrived in Midian, a country between Egypt and Syria. Musa (AS) was exhausted, hungry, and thirsty, however, the story of Musa (AS) reveals a fundamental truth. If a believer submits fully to the will of God, God will provide for him from sources unimaginable. God will replace weakness with strength and will replace failure with a victory.

Khan further explained that once Musa (AS) arrived in Midian, he saw a waterhole, and surrounding the waterhole were shepherds watering their flocks. In the midst of all the men, there were two women standing behind everyone else. Musa (AS) was a man of great honor and respect, although he was tired and thirsty himself he approached the women asking why they were just standing there.

The women explained to Musa (AS) that their father was old and couldn't water the flock him self so they had to do it. Musa (AS) took the women and their sheep to the front, pushing everyone else aside, and allowed them to water their sheep. Musa (AS) then immediately left without saying a word.

Musa (AS) was then approached by one of the women who was in awe that someone just helped them without asking for anything in return. She then told Musa (AS) that she wanted him to meet their father, who wanted to reward him for his kindness.

Upon arriving at the house, the father consequently was Prophet Shuaib. He gave one of his daughters in marriage to Musa (AS) on the condition that he work for eight years, Musa (AS) was a stranger trying to start a different life in a new land. Exhausted and alone, but God heard his supplication and provided for him from sources that Musa could never have imagined.

The lesson of Khan's class is no matter what happens, if you sincerely repent to Allah (SWT) then he will forgive. With Dua, we are never alone, just like Musa (AS).

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