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Youth get in the Ramadan spirit and feed cancer patients' families

901 Ummah fed cancer patients' families at Ronald McDonald house on Tuesday getting in the spirit just days before the start of Ramadan.

Ronald McDonald house is a "home-away-from-home" for St. Jude patients and their families.

The families undergo exhausting and stressful days at St. Jude that many are unable to cook dinner so many organizations volunteer their time to bring and serve food to the families.

"I think its very important," said Luz Vargas, the operations assistant at Ronald McDonald house. "Most of the families are wanting to eat here, specially if they have treatment and they cannot ride in a bus or go outside. They don't have a car (that) they can go drive to a restaurant because of the treatment ... They have long day in the hospital; they don't have time to cook."

The youth served dinner and dessert to around 40 people within the facility including some staff and the security guards.

"Well I came to Ronald McDonald house I think like two or three years ago and I had a really good experience like making the food and serving it to the families, and seeing the kids that like everyday go to the hospital," said Lyba Naseer, the organizer of the event. "Just to see them happy and smile and just like brighten there day, it's just something that's rewarding,"

With Ramadan right around the corner the event, about 15 young adults participated in the event and got in the spirit.

"I think Ramadan is all about, like fasting is pretty much about understanding how people feel when they don't have food or when they're in need, so Allah wants us to understand what other people feel like so we're encouraged more to give back and to help people that don't have anybody else helping them," said Nada Selim, an attendee of the event.

Filmed by Sameer Mansour

Volunteers serve families food.

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