Memphis Muslims host the '11th Annual Interfaith Dinner'

"Memphis Interfaith" hosted its 11th Annual Interfaith Dinner on June 4 at the Esplanade Banquet and Conference Center where politicians, religious clergy and non-Muslims ate Iftar and dinner celebrating social justice.

The dinner allows Muslims and non-Muslims to "break bread" and build an understanding despite the difference in faith.

"Why'd I come tonight? Well they asked me to come speak and so I was excited to come because of the focus on social justice and the fact that it was interfaith, to see so many people coming together under the umbrella of social justice thats what its gonna take," said Reverend Stacy Spencer of New Direction Christian Church, one of the speakers of the event.

Spencer, along with Sheik Yasir Qadhi and Rabbi Micah Greenstein, were the main speakers at the dinner. Imam Hamza Abdul-Malik provided a spiritual reflection.

Muslims and non-Muslims shared conversations at their assigned tables as Muslims broke their fast. After Magreb prayer, everyone ate dinner and continued stimulating conversations.

The National Civil Rights Museum was awarded for their accomplishments in social justice.