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Mohamed Fofana

"I’ve had my ups and downs but through it all, I’ve maintained my faith and worked hard to earn everything that I’ve gotten with the help of Allah and my family. Being originally from Ivory Coast, West Africa, migrating to the States when I was 10 wasn’t easy but I always believed I was good enough to succeed here and make my dream come true. Here I am today working for the Memphis Grizzlies striving to turn those dreams into reality.I feel that athletically, Muslim athletes were the best in their profession in their prime. They paved the way for the generation after them and gave Muslim kids hope that they too can compete at the highest level and be great at it. Socially, they didn’t shy away from letting people know they were Muslims. They embraced Allah and never feared the backlash of being different than the rest of their counterpart."- Mohamed Fofana,

ticket Sales Representative with the Memphis Grizzlies


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