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The team

Sameer Mansour - Director

Sameer Mansour is one of the original founders of 901 Ummah currently serving as its Director. Born and raised in Memphis, he graduated from the University of Memphis in 2010 with a Biomedical Engineering degree. He has been working at Smith & Nephew since then. Sameer also serves as the Commissioner and Founder of the Muslim Basketball League of Memphis. In addition, he is a board member for the Memphis Islamic Center and advisor for Al Anhar Institute.

Safi Khan - Mentor

Safi Khan was one of the founding members of 901 Ummah as well as the VP and Religion Programs Manager for 901 Ummah. He also has been working as the Memphis Islamic Center's Youth Director since Fall 2016. He graduated from the University of Memphis with a bachelors degree in Teacher Education and minor in English.

Mariam Khayata - Secretary and Communications Director

A student at Rhodes College,​ Mariam is pursuing a Political Science and International Studies degree. She is the communications director and secretary of 901 Ummah. In the greater Memphis community, Mariam is involved in other organizations which aim to encourage community engagement such as MOVE Politics. She’s passionate about encouraging the greater Muslim community to vote and become politically active.

Saira Sikandar - Creative Director and Social Media Manager

Saira Sikandar is a senior at the University of Memphis majoring in Creative Mass Media with a minor in Social Media Marketing. Saira is a Community Relations Intern at AutoZone, Inc. and the Social Media Marketing Chair for the Muslim Interscholastic Tournament in Nashville. In her free time, Saira does independent contracting in photography and graphic design, specializing in events and portraits (view her work at and co-runs a photography club, 901 Close-up, with Brother Danish Shaikh. She combines her passion for community outreach and philanthropy with her love for photography and media to spread awareness about causes that she is passionate about.

Uzair Ahmed - Sports/ Social Events Committee Chair

Uzair Ahmed is a junior at University of Memphis majoring in Business Information Technology. Born in Los Angeles, California, he moved to Memphis in 2011. Part timing as an E-commerce consultant, and as a soccer coach, Uzair is also the lead Sports events Coordinator. Uzair credits much of his ability to being involved with the community to 901 Ummah. Through sports and other activities Uzair hopes to bring more of the Muslim community together and increase their bonds of camaraderie

Eman Habib - Knowledge and Education Committee Chair

​Eman Habib is a current student at the University of Memphis and serves as Level 1 Teacher at the Memphis Islamic Center’s Sunday School. Eman enjoys art and surrounding herself with good company. She hopes to one day become a teacher not just for Sunday School, but also as a career. Her role in 901 Ummah is to bring in knowledgeable speakers for the community to benefit from. 901 Ummah has taught her that work and prayer do not work separately. With role models guiding her through her continuing journey, Eman is excited to see what the future holds with 901 Ummah.

Tariq Usmani - Community Service Co-Chair

An intellectual to some but an inspiration to all, Tariq Usmani helps power 901 Ummah events by ensuring volunteers work diligently and with grace. In addition to double majoring in Business Economics and Computer Science at the University of Memphis, Tariq works alongside leaders in the Muslim and Interfaith communities in order to foster pluralism in our city. Never afraid of tackling a mess, Tariq aspires to give nothing less than his best.

Maryam Taysir - Community Service Co-Chair

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Maryam Taysir is a current student at Rhodes College and a member of 901 Ummah’s Knowledge and Community Service sectors. Maryam’s experience living in Palestine and the US as a visible Muslim has influenced her passion for social justice. Sharing many of her goals, Maryam truly believes that 901 Ummah’s aspirations has helped liberate the minds of our youth, to help find their passion, and to most importantly—  stay faithful in Islam. She is motivated to contribute back to her community, especially in the underprivileged areas of Memphis. Maryam hopes to continue working with 901 Ummah throughout her college career to help expand the group’s impact on the greater Memphis community.

Asil Mansour - Social Media and Marketing Committee Member

Born in Amman, Jordan, Asil Mansour is a current senior at Cordova High School and voluntarily teaches at Masjid Asalam’s Al-Bayan School every Saturday. If he is not working on music or recording, he is working on shooting and editing videos and writing. Asil is looking forward to pursuing a career in psychology as he is very passionate about understanding the human mind. After moving to Memphis in 2015, Asil became interested in being a part of a community that involved the city’s youth while keeping Islam the foundation of it all, hence joining 901 Ummah. Because he is now a part of the 901 Ummah team, Asil hopes to widen the community’s focus on media and the arts.

Lyba Naseer - Arts Committee Chair

Lyba Naseer is currently a student at Rhodes College. In her free time, Lyba enjoys creating art and over the past several years, has used her passion for art to help others. She has donated many of her original pieces to a variety of fundraising events. Through 901 Ummah, Lyba is able to continue her passion for art in combination with her interest in community service. As a 901 Ummah member, Lyba is a volunteer, part of the Community Service team, an Event Coordinator, a Co-Chair of the Arts team, and the Digital Media Manager. As a member of the Community Service team, Lyba helps plan, organize, and lead community service events. Lyba is in charge of the annual Bluff City Art and Poetry Slam and Ronald McDonald House events. 901 Ummah has not only allowed her to continue exploring her passion for art but has encouraged Lyba to leave her comfort zone and become more of a leader. Alhumdulillah, she believes she is blessed to have been able to join this organization that allows every person to cultivate his or her passions while improving his or her relationship with Allah (SWT).  

Danah Taha - Knowledge/Education Committee Member

Danah Taha is a junior at the University of Memphis majoring in Health studies. Her interests are volunteering, writing, and reading. She’s volunteered in Amman with elderly homes, orphanages, homeless families, and refugees coming from Syria, Yemen, and Iraq. Danah is on the Community service team and the Education & knowledge team. Through 901 Ummah, Danah has been able to connect with her 901 community and grow in her faith.

Fatema Habib - Co-Event Coordinator

Fatema Habib is a Muslim Memphian and a Nursing major at the University of Memphis as well a teacher at the Memphis Islamic Center (MIC) weekend school. Fatema enjoys art, fashion, and sewing and has been an active member of MIC. Her devotion to aiding the community got her recruited by the original 901 Ummah team, and since then, Fatema is serving as a Co-Event Coordinator, Graphic Designer, Co-Coordinator in Knowledge/Religion, Co-Coordinator in Art, and a general volunteer. Fatema’s journey with 901 Ummah has helped her grow as an individual by teaching her the values of responsibility, management, communication skills, and dedication. Her favorite lesson learned is to never over-promise and under-perform. Through 901 Ummah, Fatema believes she has been able to cultivate her talents, strengthen her faith in Islam, and most importantly - that it is okay to fail as long as you recover and learn from your mistake.  

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