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Fostering a productive Muslim community that reaches across the city of Memphis to inspire, create, and empower.

Memphis is and has always been a thriving city, filled with rich and innovative talent. The Muslim community is reflected in that same spirit. We are continuously growing and bringing in new people, new ideas, and new talent. The only factor that the Muslim Memphis community was missing in its early years, however, was a youth and young adult presence. Although there were plenty of young Muslims in town, there wasn’t anything for them to invest their time and talent in. The change was needed and therefore, behind the minds of young Muslims who were born and raised in Memphis… 901 Ummah was created.



To provide mentorship, cultivate talent, and organize programs and opportunities for the entire community through the skills and passions of young adults from the ages of 13-30.

We believe that every individual has a certain passion and talent. Some may already know it. Others need that extra push to find it. Through 901 Ummah, our youth and young adults are provided with the resources, tools, and support needed to develop that talent to the best of their ability and further give back to the community all while pursuing their unique calling in life.

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