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17 Berkshire

Patisserie + Coffee/ Tea Shop in Overton Square

The shop is located on the back side of historic Overton Square, alongside Belly Acres and The Art Project. Parking is free and available in the open lot parking area ( enter from Cooper ) or in the parking garage (free until 6 p.m.).

Address: 2094 Trimble Place Memphis TN 38104

Hijabi, Islamic Fashion Wear

Tired of purchasing your hijabs, dresses or abayas online and unsure if they’ll look good or fit well? There’s now a solution. Here in Memphis, TN, the very first store to cater to the Muslim woman attire: Hijabi. Run exclusively by woman, you’ll have the privacy you want and need to try on everything you would like. Located next to to Ali Baba and Barakat Middle Eastern Market.


Address: 5804 Raleigh Lagrange road Memphis Tennessee 38134.

Al-Madinah Boutique

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Barakat’s Middle Eastern Market

Middle Eastern market, located near Pleasant View School.

​Address: 5782 Raleigh Lagrange Rd, Memphis, TN 38134

Alrahmah Bakery & Meat Market

Middle Eastern market, located near the Memphis Islamic Center. They sell zabiha meat.


Address: 1166 Houston Levee Rd Cordova, TN 38018

Malani Enterprises

Malani Enterprises is Memphis' one stop shop for all convenience stores.

Address: 6901 Appling Farms Pkwy, Memphis, TN 38133

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