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Tafseer Tuesdays

September 17, 2019

A weekly Tafseer of Surah Al-Hujurat led by Sh. Mohammed Faqih at the Memphis Islamic Center every Tuesday after Maghrib.

Tea & Tafsir

January 06, 2019

Allah asks us twice in the Quran, "And do they not ponder the meanings of the Quran?"

This weekly knowledge gathering will, insha'Allah, help us push ourselves to ponder the meanings of Allah's Book, deeply and intentionally, in response to those ayaat. After we reflect on the meanings, we will compare our understanding with what scholars have said about the same surahs and verses.  

Please join Midtown Mosque every Sunday at 5pm for this interactive discussion circle. Families are welcome. (Tea will be available)

Seeds of Knowledge

This program is open to young men and women who are currently in Middle School or High School.


Start Date: Sunday September 10th

Timing: Weekly on Sundays from 11am-3pm


Program Cost: $150 per student per semester


Curriculum: Students will be engaged in academic discussions and lessons concerning the fundamentals of the religion including: Aqeedah, Fiqh, Quran Tafseer, Recitation, Memorization, Literacy, Hadith, Adab, etc. Students will be divided into groups based on gender and school. Students will also be engaged in physical activities, social time, skills workshops, and community service projects insha'Allah.


Program Venue:
Masjid Ar-Rahman
7906 Lowrance Road
Memphis, TN 38125

Reviving the Heart

December 06, 2018

"Reviving the Heart" class with Imam Hamzah Abdul-Malik is scheduled for 630pm every Thursday at Midtown Mosque 1288 Jackson Ave, Memphis TN 38107

Being Muslim: A Practical Guide

December 08, 2018

Every Saturday at 10AM at Midtown Mosque. Taught by Br Malik Shaw.

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