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MPOWER Mentors is a program designed to provide productive alternatives to young adults 13-30 and to foster their personal development through mentorship. The objective of MPOWER is to work individually with young adults to benefit them in areas such as: worship, community service, religious studies, social development, life skills, health & fitness, careers and more. 

Young Professionals will be connected with college students with high school students...and high school students with middle school students to create a dynamic program that benefits everyone involved.

Mentors and Mentees will be expected to meet once a month to gather feedback/review and have a joint halaqa. Also once a month, mentors will take their mentees out for a few hours of social engagement to develop the mentor/mentee relationship. All male mentors will be partnered with male mentees and female mentors with female mentees based on the registration.

The initial sign up period will be active until September 30th, so please sign up before then! After you've registered, we'll be in contact providing more information.



Sameer Mansour

Sameer Mansour is one of the original founders of 901 Ummah currently serving as its Director. Born and raised in Memphis, he graduated from the University of Memphis in 2010 with a Biomedical Engineering degree. He has been working at Smith & Nephew since then. Sameer also serves as the Commissioner and Founder of the Muslim Basketball League of Memphis. In addition, he is the executive and youth director for the Memphis Islamic Center and advisor for Al-Anhar Institute.


Saira Sikandar

Saira Sikandar is a graduate student at the University of Memphis concentrating on visual communication. She interns at AutoZone, Inc. in Downtown Memphis and serves on the board for MIST Nashville as their Marketing Chair. In her free time, Saira manages her own photography and graphic design company, Saira Sikandar Co. and loves finding ways to bring her passion of content creation and philanthropy together.

Check out her work at


Uzair Ahmed

Uzair Ahmed is a junior at University of Memphis majoring in Business Information Technology. Born in Los Angeles, California, he moved to Memphis in 2011. Part timing as an E-commerce consultant, and as a soccer coach, Uzair is also the lead Sports and Events Coordinator. Uzair credits much of his ability to being involved with the community to 901 Ummah. Through sports and other activities Uzair hopes to bring more of the Muslim community together and increase their bonds of camaraderie.

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Esra Barut

Esra Barut studied Biomedical Engineering at Wichita State University and now works at Smith and Nephew in Memphis. She moved to Memphis in 2016 and is a mentor with 901Ummah. She loves to stay active both mentally and physically to continuously grow and develop. She plays soccer and does kickboxing in her free time and travels to learn about new cultures.


Emaan Khawaja

Emaan Khawaja is a pre-pa student at Rhodes College studying psychology. Born and raised in Memphis, she now travels between here and Las Vegas. She has always been passionate about creating a stronger Muslim community that can uplift the youth. Emaan is a social media manager for 901ummah. She is passionate about our mentorship program. In her free time she loves to do creative activities, travel, and stay physically active.


Ibrahim Elayan

Ibrahim Elayan currently works as a Biomedical Engineer at ZimmerBiomet. Born in Knoxville, TN but raised in Amman Jordan Ibrahim experienced both ends of the cultural spectrum living in the roots of Amman while growing up as an American Muslim. In his free time, Ibrahim's hobbies range from video games and watching anime to Rock Climbing. As Co-Social Chair, Ibrahim aspires to bring diverse adventures to the 901 Ummah community and to give back to the community what was given to him.


Zulkar Khan

After graduating from Emory Law, Zulkar clerked with a federal judge in Memphis. She replaced him within a year. Now he works at a law firm in New York City. Zulkar enjoys traveling and visiting internet websites. He is decent with people. He has no felony convictions, to date.


Sabriyya Shaw

Sabriyya is a University of Memphis senior majoring in Psych. She was the co-founder of the Midtown Mosque mobile food pantry, lead girls halaqas, and an afterschool teacher at Pvs. Her real passions are Islamic Studies, inspiring others to deepen their connection with Allah, personal development,  mentoring, writing, cooking, community service, and reading. She hopes to go into girls religous education and development.


Nafisa Khalafalla

Nafisa Khalafalla is a recent graduate of UTHSC, where she obtained her Masters in Medical Laboratory Science. She currently works as a Medical Technologist, where she assists with processing and testing COVID-19 samples. If she isn’t in the lab, you can find Nafisa working out, exploring a new restaurant or directing Feed the City on Saturday mornings.

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Amanda Ibrahim

coming soon <3


Fatema Habib

Fatema Habib is a Nursing major at the University of Memphis.. Fatema enjoys art, fashion, and sewing and has been an active member of MIC. Her devotion to aiding the community got her recruited by the original 901 Ummah team, and since then, Fatema is serving as a Co-Event Coordinator, Graphic Designer, Co-Coordinator in Knowledge/Religion, Co-Coordinator in Art, and a general volunteer. Fatema’s journey with 901 Ummah has helped her grow as an individual by teaching her the values of responsibility, management, communication skills, and dedication.  


Maryam Taysir

Maryam Taysir is a proud mother of one cat, a  Business major at Rhodes College, a Human Resources Intern at AutoZone, Inc., and the Co-Chair of 901 Ummah’s Community Service sector. Maryam hopes to help expand 901 Ummah’s impact on the greater Memphis community. She enjoys meeting new people and broadening her horizons. Maryam one day wants to own a farm and raise sheep in Palestine. 

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