Kanzi Owners

Two Palestinian-American Memphian mothers, Suha Dweik and Saja Farrah created an online decor company, Kanzi, that features festive products to celebrate Muslim holidays including Eid, Ramadan, Hajj, and more. A company that prioritizes giving back and being environmentally friendly, Kanzi’s products are offered in shops across the U.S. and in the U.A.E.. Throughout this interview, Suha and Saja reveal their inspiration and motivation in creating Kanzi and how motherhood has been instrumental in helping them design their products. Interviewed by Mariam Khayata For members of our audience that haven’t had the opportunity to meet you both, can you each briefly introduce yourselves? I am Suha D

Nabil Bayakly

An Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Biology professor, Brother Nabil Bayakly, also known as Abou Abdulghani, is an asset to the Memphis community as he advocates for social justice and works with a plethora of local organizations that aim to make the Memphis community more welcoming, inclusive, and environmentally sustainable. He shares insight on how his personal background has impacted his current activism and advises this Muslim generation to be headstrong in advocating for justice. If you're interested in becoming more involved with the Memphis activist community, he's your man to contact! Interviewed by Mariam Khayata Besides being an Arabic and Islamic Studies professor at University of Me

Saira Sikandar

A creative, driven, personable and resilient mass media major, Saira Sikandar shares her journey of discovering her passion for the arts through her experience in social media and marketing, professional design, and photography. She discusses her background as a Kashmiri, second generation, Brooklyn-born artist and how that has influenced the career path she has chosen. Interviewed by Mariam Khayata For those who don’t necessarily know about the inspiring work you do in the community, can you mention some of the organizations you’re involved with and the work you do with them - Fedex, AutoZone, 901 Ummah, MIST, etc.. How does this work connect with your greater passion and what you perceive

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