S'mores and stories of the Prophet (PBUH)

What better setting to truly internalize and ponder over the stories of our prophet than under the endless stars staring at the flames of a bonfire. 901 Ummah held its next session of "A Beautiful Life" in the backyard of Memphis Islamic Center on Saturday with youth director Safi Khan illustrating another story of the beloved Prophet (PBUH). The stories were heard by the diverse turn out. Community members of all ages came to satisfy their sweet tooth and curiosity of the times of the Prophet (PBUH). Khan drew attention to how certain surahs in the Quran begin with a letter and how God has not given us a specific meaning to the letters. The youth director reminded attendees of how even thou

MIFA engages Muslims in community service

Muslims from Memphis Islamic Center coordinated with the Metropolitan Interfaith Association to deliver a plethora of meals to the elderly in some of the more impoverished areas of Memphis on Saturday. The seniors served were those unable to go to the grocery store to purchase their own groceries due to disability and medical inconveniences. "Supporting the independence of vulnerable seniors and families in crisis through high-impact programs," said Linda Marks, the Volunteer Director of the program to the volunteers on MIFA's mission. Marks also related to the volunteers how "proud and deeply moved" she was by their involvement, especially by the large number of people who were willing to d

Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir - "#MyJourney" edition

901 Ummah introduced a new monthly series at Memphis Islamic Center on Sunday and started with Bilqis Abdul Qaadir, the Pleasant View School basketball coach and gym teacher who has struggled with her basketball career. "#MyJourney" is a series that will focus on professionals sharing their journey to help the youth find who they want to become and how the youth can manage Islam and their career. As night rolled in, the MIC began to fill as members of the community joined in to listen to Memphis’ very own Abdul-Qaadir tell her story. Appealing to all youth and adults, Abdul-Qaadir shared her struggle during her journey, one which she still faces-- the FIBA ban on wearing the hijab. As Abdul

The cost of hijabi propaganda - Opinion

The hijab is no stranger to mainstream media. It has made its way to fashion weeks around the globe and Nike has even released a commercial sporting women in hijab. It is to no surprise that the hijabi/modest fashion industry has skyrocketed, gaining mass popularity and attention. And with this, an influx in hijabi beauty bloggers has also come about. Although many see this as a positive way to encourage the acceptance and tolerance of the hijab around the world, we must ask ourselves, at what cost is this coming with? The hijab, among other things, is meant to be a symbol of modesty, a public declaration of our beliefs, a reflection of our devotion to Allah SWT, and most importantly, a way

"Healthy Hearts" brunch filled hearts and tummies

Homemade blueberry and lemon meringue cupcakes, brisket and egg Hawaiian rolls, and Ed Sheeran playing on an old-timely record player, what better atmosphere to discuss the latest pop culture-- news, politics, classes and school events, or actually any topic on our hearts or minds. That's beauty of 901 Ummah's Healthy Hearts brunch, the ability and ease in conversing on any topic with a wide variety or perspectives and opinions. Whether it be discussing the latest fashion trends with a girl who's style you admire or seeking advice about internships and med school practice with a graduate, Healthy Hearts has it all plus the comfort of a warm home and an assembly of various homemade delicacies

Paintball the new social event

Boys and girls participated in 901 Ummah's new social event on Saturday morning at Memphis Paintball Park. The event was a change of pace for those who attended as they took a break from their everyday grind and gathered together early in the morning at the Memphis Islamic Center to go as a group to the park in Lakeland. The park hosts a variety of different maps for players to play on. Among these are a jungle, a canyon, an Old West Town and mazes of all sorts featuring pipes or barrels of nuclear waste. The group had the opportunity to engage in a number of exhilarating matches over the duration of the event. The "paintballers" had the chance to engage in combat in only the most advanced p

Memphis mayors and representatives show support

American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) hosted members of the government at its second annual fundraiser on Sunday night at the Great Hall conference center in Germantown. Mayor of the City of Memphis Jim Strickland, Rep. Dwayne Thompson, Rep. Raumesh Akbari, Mayor of the City of Germantown Mike Palazzolo, and Shelby County Commissioner Mark Billingsley attended the fundraiser. “As Mayor of Memphis, I’m mayor of everyone,” Mayor Strickland said. “All races, all religions, both genders, and I feel like I have to reach out. Plus it’s the right thing to do, plus I think our city is better off with diversity, and most major cities I would say the same thing. Diversity is what makes Memphis bette

Change the mindset, change the Muslim narrative - Opinion

The driving force for most religious institutes for the past month or so has been interfaith, or the programming of different faiths meeting together to socialize, interact, and get to know each other. We as a community must ask ourselves the question, "Are we only doing this because of recent events? Or are we truly committed to changing the narrative that Muslims generally tend to be a closed society? It isn't a foreign concept that we as a religious body have a major setback of not getting involved with other organizations and religious institutes, always keeping to ourselves. Although it is almost mandatory for our social and spiritual well being that we use this opportune time to truly

The Prophet's (PBUH) safe haven: A Beautiful Life edition

Friday's A Beautiful Life focused on the idea of not being proud or arrogant while the youth gathered around with donuts. Memphis Islamic Center’s youth director Safi Khan emphasized the importance on the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) humble and modest personality. The Prophet (pbuh) never wanted to be in a leadership position himself. The Prophet (pbuh) believed to be a leader one should be nominated by others because with leadership comes arrogance, dictatorship, jealousy, and even corruption. Khan told the story of Angel Jibrael coming to the Prophet in the dark Cave of Hira. The Prophet would go to the Cave of Hira in order to reflect and be by himself. Khan connected the Prophet’s life to t

The positive side to the end of the world - Opinion

January 20th, 2017, Inauguration Day. It’s official. The country’s direction for the next four years has been confirmed. President-elect Donald J. Trump is now President Donald J. Trump. There was a time between the election results and the inauguration where the nation started to question and reassure itself. "It can’t be so bad." "He won’t do what he’s been promising." "Is this real life?" The first week of office proved otherwise with a flurry of executive orders that shook the nation and affirmed yes, this is real. We could discuss how terrible this is and constantly remind ourselves that our worst fears have come to full fruition. I’d like to think however it may just be the jolt of lif

Love struck: College Hangout edition

The University of Memphis Muslim Student Association hosted its first College Hangouts on love in Islam, a monthly college based discussion lead by Memphis Islamic Center's youth director Safi Khan. Rhodes College has hosted College Hangouts two times already, however this time it was hosted at University of Memphis. With Valentine's Day around the corner, love and relationships are key discussion points within the college community. Khan focused this edition on advice on love, taking from Prophet Musa (pbuh) and Muhammad (pbuh). He explained that the Prophets' stories can relate to many of the attendees. Khan began with a game of word association. He tossed the word "love" out to the attend

Building bridges one visit at a time

The Farmington Presbyterian Church visited the Memphis Islamic Center Wednesday night. This entire plan started weeks ago when the church's junior minister Doug Barr reached out to discuss recent events and how faith organizations should go about bringing solace to their congregations. MIC couldn't think of anything better than to have the Church youth visit the Muslim community especially with when understanding and empathy is at an all time low. Farmington Presbyterian brought a solid group of young teens and their parents over to MIC to have a quick get together involving some food, conversations, and healthy discussions that cleared misconceptions about both faiths. Why Muslim women wear

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