Youth director starts off Ramadan with a young professionals class

Youth Director Safi Khan started his new young professionals and college students halaqa on Sunday which brought individuals together to learn more about the Prophet Musa;s (AS) life. The new class, "Sacred Scrolls," is a biweekly interactive discussion on works of contemporary scholars and classical texts that highlight lessons for young professionals and college students. Khan explained how Prophet Musa (AS) was a fugitive from Egypt because of a accident. Musa (AS) came upon two men fighting. Musa (AS) stepped into the fight and struck one of the men with one ferocious blow. He immediately fell to the ground and died. Musa (AS) was overcome with grief and left. Eventually, Musa (AS) arri

'A Beautiful Life' series continues with the concept of tawaqqul

This week's Beautiful Life halaqa presented by Safi Khan started the month of Ramadan. In his discussion, the Khan explored the concept of tawaqqul as demonstrated in the Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) hijra. The hijra was the migration undertaken by the Prophet (PBUH) and his followers from Mecca to Medina in the year 622. The journey is associated with the beginning of the Islamic calendar. During the talk, Khan discussed how the hijra was not some spur of the moment decision undertaken by the Prophet (PBUH). Rather, it was planned for quite some time and required extensive preparation. The journey has provided a number of lessons for the ummah as it teaches us to find the balance between takin

Masjid ar-Rahman hosts third annual interfaith panel

The third interfaith panel discussion continued its series on justice and peace on Tuesday at Masjid ar-Rahman where the panelists highlighted the idea of justice within each of their religions. The panelists consisted of seven different clergymen exploring the justice within the Abrahamic traditions. The audience were people from various different faiths. The panelists included Chaplain of Christian Brother's University Father Bill Parham, First Baptist Church's Rev. David Breckenridge, Rabbi Joel Finkelstein of Anshei Sphard Beth EL Emeth, Rabbi Ilan Glazer of Beth Sholom Synagogue, Sheik Yasir Qadhi of Rhodes College and Masjid ar-Rahman's Imam Anwar Arafat. Rev. Dorothy Wells of St. Geor

Youth clean up streets at MIFA cleanup event

A group of young students set out with a goal of community service on Saturday in downtown Memphis. They reached Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association headquarters in hopes to clean up the streets of the poorest zip code in Memphis, but what they ended up achieving was much more. "Removing harmful things from the road is an act of sadaqah (charity)," said Prophet (S) in a Hadith. Everyone knows that it is difficult for students and young people to give in terms of money but is that the only way in giving? According to this account from the life of the beloved Messenger, it isn't. Giving time to clean the community is charity. Spending time with different faiths and helping the world, is chari

'No Filter' panel prepares audience for Ramadan

Memphis Islamic Center hosted "No Filter," a panel discussion to address some of the daily struggles that people must deal with on Friday as Ramadan is right around the corner. Backbiting, jealousy and arrogance was the focus of the panel which featured MIC's resident scholar, Sheikh Yasir Qadhi, Masjid ar-Rahman's Imam Anwar Arafat and MIC Youth Director Safi Khan. The event opened with Arafat's discussion on the pains of backbiting. He talked about the graveness of the sin, citing Surah al-Hujurat which equates backbiting to "eating the flesh of one's dead brother." Qadhi addressed the disease of jealousy, its consequences, and ways to prevent it from taking over one's mind. Khan discussed

MIC and Heartsong bid farewell to Pastor Stone at annual picnic

The Memphis Islamic Center and the Heartsong Church hosted a picnic to celebrate their friendship and the strong relationships forged over faith on Sunday at MIC. “There is no better way to start the summer break than an event such as this. It really brings our community together,” Bilal Siddiq, a student at Rhodes College. Over burgers and biryani, around 300 people of different faith gathered to celebrate the beautiful weather and the beauty of interfaith cooperation. “I have had a tremendous experience getting to know our neighbors,” said Hamid Shirwany of Germantown. In addition to celebrating old relationships and forming new friendships, the event also honored Pastor Steve Stone, who r

'Team Fajr' engages youth in morning hike

"Team Fajr" provided an interesting twist to the usual routine on Sunday with a hike at Shelby Farms park. After praying Fajr at Memphis Islamic Center, the youth carpooled with Youth Director Safi Khan to Shelby Farms. The group began the three-mile hike on Chickasaw Trail at 6 a.m. and ended at 8 a.m. The hike provided an amazing scene as the trail and hills slowly lit up as the sun rose. During the hike, the youth tossed around a tennis ball and had a great time, even when said tennis ball was thrown into a nearby lake twice and had to be retrieved. Following the hike, Sahil Malani, a senior at Harding Academy, gave a brief reminder to be assembled youth about the importance of caring for

Second annual Palestine Festival brings crowd

The second annual Palestine Festival celebrated the country’s culture on Saturday in Overton Park with hundreds of Memphians from different faiths, races, and cultures attending. The festival included live music, authentic dabke dancing, delicious Palestinian cuisine, famous Palestinian clothing brands, local vendors and a fashion show. The festival was displayed the Palestinian culture and spirit to raise awareness and educate locals about Israel’s occupied Palestinian territories. “As an organizer seeing the Palestine Festival from start to finish I can always see room for improvement but this year was so special for us in many ways,” said Yasmine Omari, one of the festival organizers.”The

Sunset, s’mores and smiles at the last 'A Beautiful Life'

Sunset, s’mores and smiles filled Friday night’s bonfire at Memphis Islamic Center, hosted by Youth Director Safi Khan. The night started off with a brief run down on upcoming 901 Ummah events such as the Heart Song Church interfaith picnic and the Team Fajr hike at Shelby Farms. Khan then spoke about the importance of prayer and its ability to cleanse the heart. “Even as MSA (Muslim Student Association) president, Safi’s Friday night talks always teach me something new in a fun and friendly environment,” said Abeer Abdelrahim, University of Memphis sophomore. “There’s nothing like getting close to my faith with my friends and s’mores.” The last Beautiful Life talk will be held on Friday, Ma

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