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Pray. Study. Work Hard. Actions that are the main focus for a majority of Muslims, and rightfully so. We are constantly asked to perfect these actions from an early age to ensure a successful future. Now imagine if we added "Play Sports" to that list. Would many put as much emphasis and focus as they do towards praying, studying, and working? Would parents make it a priority for their kids to be involved in any organized sports? And playing in the masjid parking lot does not count. If the answer is no, then it's time to change. Leadership. Sacrifice. Dedication. Brotherhood or Sisterhood. Discipline. Teamwork. These are values that are fundamental to Islam and - yes they can be learned thr

Memphis welcomes huge crowds at its second annual "MusliMeFest"

Hundreds of people from different faiths, backgrounds, and cultures came together in support of the Muslims in Memphis to build bridges and connections amongst the diverse communities at the “MusliMEMfest” on Saturday at the Agricenter International. Memphis mayor Jim Strickland, city council election candidates, and Memphis locals all attended to celebrate diversity. A variety of food options including Middle Eastern and Asian restaurants, new ice cream shops such as “Dipsticle,” and bakery shops filled the festival’s booths. In addition to food, there were family-friendly activities such as face painting, bouncy houses, games booths, henna tattoos and more. A plethora of organizations incl

"A Beautiful Life" series continues after one-week hiatus

After a one-week hiatus "A Beautiful Life," the weekly halaqa series at Memphis Islamic Center returned on Friday night. With plenty of donuts and coffee, the crowd eagerly congregated at the back of the prayer area for this week's talk. In his discussion, Youth Director Safi Khan discussed a myriad of points. One of these involved the trials and tribulations many of the first Muslims had to endure. "The first converts to Islam set the precedent for what Muslims should be," said Khan. These converts had to pray in privacy out of worry for their own safety. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was among them and had to deal with many issues, including personal ones. The Quraysh told his uncle, Abu Tal

Islamic art adorns the Memphis Public Library in Cordova, Tennessee

"Muslims in Memphis" hosted two art shows in two different libraries the past two weeks. The Germantown Community Library welcomed several Muslim artists to showcase their art to the community of Memphis on March 15. Similarly, this Wednesday Cordova Library did the same. Artists including Melanie Halimah, Aysha Anastasia, Natajlia Kokoreva, Rabia Irshad, Sumaira Sardar, Iman Naseer, Hajra Motiwala, and Sumeia Altareb displayed their pieces. Attendees were given the opportunity to enjoy snacks, children were able to engage in their own art with coloring activities and a presentation about Islamic art educated attendees on history throughout the centuries. These events had impressive turnouts

MIST - Day Three

The last day of MIST began at 6 a.m. with Fajr prayer and checking out all competitors and coaches from the hotel. At Vanderbilt University, the final competitions took place- writing, oratory, spoken word and "MIST Bowl" where the 901 Ummah team competed in all. Once all competitions had concluded, the award ceremony commenced with all teams ready to hear the winners. As the auditorium filled, chants echoed back and forth amongst the teams, amplifying the anticipation and adding to the excitement of the weekend's activities. The ceremony awarded all the winners from every completion. As the fourth annual MIST tournament, the ceremony opened up by recognizing all four-time competitors. Then

MIST - Day Two

The early morning trend continued with day two. Competitors and coaches woke up at 6 a.m. for Fajr prayer in the hotel's media conference room lead by Imam Anwar. After all boarded the bus, the participants drove to Vanderbilt University for another day of grueling, challenging competitions. Quran recitation and 2-D/3-D art started the day off with both the boys and girls scattering to their competition destinations. Sahil Malani placed top 15 in photography, and Fatema Habib and Lyba Naseer also placed top 15 in 2-D art. Quran recitation winners will be announced on day three. Knowledge test, "Improv," "MIST Bowl," Math Olympics, debate, short film, science fair, community service, business

MIST - Day One

The day started early with competitors and coaches arriving at Memphis Islamic Center at 7:30 a.m. to finish signing forms and picking up t-shirts. After roll-call, the bus was loaded and the ride to MIST began. MIST or Muslim Inter-Scholastic Tournament is an annual tournament for high school students across Tennessee to compete in tournaments ranging from art to Quran recitation to sports. After a three-hour ride, the 901 Ummah team reached Nashville and headed to Vanderbilt University to compete in their first competitions, soccer and basketball. Boys and girls fought vigorously in each sport striving for the first place. After scoring a tie twice in both overtimes, the girl's soccer team

"I stand with Standing Rock" prayer march on Beale Street

A prayer march was organized by Zanya Mudbone Cruz to commemorate Indigenous rights, religion, and heritage in downtown Memphis on Friday. The march started at 7 p.m. in front of the Beale Street Landing with speakers from the Indigenous and Latino community discussing the city's unlawful denial of the events permit request. It ended in front of City Hall with the Indigenous communities prayers and dances. The event's significance highlights the need to stand with the people of Standing Rock in protecting their land, water, religious sites, and community from the North Dakota Access Pipeline which is being built on appropriated treaty lands. Core organizers focused on sharing religious indig

Good manners are Islamic manners, a "A Beautiful Life" edition

Youth director Safi Khan covered the Prophet’s (PBUH) good manners and struggles as he received his first few revelations at this week's "A Beautiful Life" at Memphis Islamic Center on Friday night. Khan emphasized the importance of manners, explaining quality weighs more than quantity. “It doesn’t matter how much Quran you know and how many times you pray during the day, if you can’t act well and if you cannot act in an Islamic manner around your family and your friends and your community, that knowledge has no stock,” Khan said to attendees. In Surah Qalam, Allah (SWT) speaks about combining knowledge with character, saying one cannot survive without the other. Khan continued with explaini

Griz continue outreach to Muslim community with Islamic Heritage Night

The Memphis Grizzles again recognized the Muslim community at its third annual Islamic Heritage Night the FedEx Forum on Saturday. The Griz teamed up with 901 Ummah for a day of basketball. The event started off at 1 p.m. with attendees playing on the court. Attendees ages 17 and under engaged in different activities and played in 15-minute games from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and attendees ages 17 and up shot some hoops form 3 p.m. to 5p.m. Before the game against the Atlanta Hawks, attendees got the opportunity to pray Magrib and Isha in the Draft Room. The game started at 8 p.m with the Grizzlies looking to rebound from their four-game losing streak. However, the team's lack of energy and tenacit

How do we defeat today's demagogue, President Trump?

It’s 2017 and a new era of presidency has swarmed us. We’ve entered the next four years with new pipeline policies, immigration bans, a media war, and better yet, a demagogue as our leader. But what exactly is a demagogue? Defined as one who rises to power and influence through manipulation and false appeals, a demagogue in our times is the epitome of President Donald Trump. Seen through his discriminatory tweets, his false accusations, and his dividing policies, one can clearly see President Trump’s demagogue characteristics. As more and more people become aware of his political leadership, skepticism and doubt erupts as to how and why this is happening. As time goes on, history teaches us

Pleasant View School students showcase their talents

The first Pleasant View School Talent show took place on Friday in the PVS gymnasium with acts ranging from painting to Quran recitation. As the clock stuck 6:30 p.m., a gush of competitors swarmed in, preparing for their acts. Excited and nervous as can be, the competitors took their positions while the judges and the audience slowly began to arrive. The show commenced at 7 p.m. starting off with a Quran recitation by three elementary school girls. A variety of talents and acts were presented including Alhussein Hadidi with his yoyo tricks, Haneen Jaber and her paint display, Emily Hamdallah and Sara Ghawji’s hula hoop and song recital. The show lasted for around an hour, filling the gym wi

Happiness in the home a "College Hangouts" edition

Youth director, Safi Khan, made his way to the University of Memphis on Thursday and packed the UC Conference Room for the March edition of College Hangouts. This month's talk centered around maintaining happiness in the home. Khan discussed the importance of family and upholding the often-neglected aspects of relationships between parents and children. Among these was the need to forge a healthy, open relationship with one's parents. In order to do so, Khan discussed the need to occasionally sacrifice one's time with friends and to dedicate that time to parents instead. Doing this may not be a tall task for many, but its impact speaks volumes. Family time together contributes to fostering t

Memphis mosques open their doors to the public

The Memphis Muslim community held its second "Open Mosque Day" event with all seven of the mosques in Memphis opened their doors to community members, giving people a valuable, enriching glimpse into a world that is misrepresented and misunderstood far too often. At the Memphis Islamic Center visitors were greeted by smiling volunteers from 901 Ummah, who helped sign guests in and gave tours around the facility and the grounds. Safi Khan, the MIC youth director, and Dr. Bashar Shala, the chairman of the board at MIC, both gave informational talks that introduced the guests to Islam and the Muslim community of Memphis. Visitors were also invited to enjoy delicious food under the gazebos on a

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