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The Prophet's (PBUH) safe haven: A Beautiful Life edition

Friday's A Beautiful Life focused on the idea of not being proud or arrogant while the youth gathered around with donuts.

Memphis Islamic Center’s youth director Safi Khan emphasized the importance on the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) humble and modest personality. The Prophet (pbuh) never wanted to be in a leadership position himself.

The Prophet (pbuh) believed to be a leader one should be nominated by others because with leadership comes arrogance, dictatorship, jealousy, and even corruption.

Khan told the story of Angel Jibrael coming to the Prophet in the dark Cave of Hira. The Prophet would go to the Cave of Hira in order to reflect and be by himself.

Khan connected the Prophet’s life to the lives of the youth attending saying “we can relate to our Prophet because sometimes we’re so stressed we just need to get away from everybody.”

To better depict the story, Khan turned off the lights while illustrating the Prophet’s first encounter with Angel Jibrael.

Khan advised everyone to go to their families and have a mentor in life for when stress tales over, and most importantly never be ashamed to ask for help. Just as the Prophet went to his beloved wife Khadijah after being frightened by Angel Jibrael, everyone else should seek comfort in their loved ones.

"It was very interesting and was one of the best Seerah classes that I've attended,” said Eman Emara, visitor from Knoxville, Tennessee.

By Isbah Qureshi

Khan discusses the Prophet's (pbuh) safe haven.

Photo by Isbah Qureshi

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