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Building bridges one visit at a time

The Farmington Presbyterian Church visited the Memphis Islamic Center Wednesday night.

This entire plan started weeks ago when the church's junior minister Doug Barr reached out to discuss recent events and how faith organizations should go about bringing solace to their congregations.

MIC couldn't think of anything better than to have the Church youth visit the Muslim community especially with when understanding and empathy is at an all time low.

Farmington Presbyterian brought a solid group of young teens and their parents over to MIC to have a quick get together involving some food, conversations, and healthy discussions that cleared misconceptions about both faiths.

Why Muslim women wear the hijab, why we use the word Allah for God, and more were answered. But the part that had the most significance was the simple fact that Christians and Muslims ate pizza together, debunking the idea that people of different faiths cannot 'break bread together'.

And why not? After all, the basis of the event was to fight against hate, with the community showing love and compassion to our friends and neighbors.

Attendees engage in conversations.

Photo by Muhammad Talha Khan

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