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Paintball the new social event

Boys and girls participated in 901 Ummah's new social event on Saturday morning at Memphis Paintball Park.

The event was a change of pace for those who attended as they took a break from their everyday grind and gathered together early in the morning at the Memphis Islamic Center to go as a group to the park in Lakeland.

The park hosts a variety of different maps for players to play on. Among these are a jungle, a canyon, an Old West Town and mazes of all sorts featuring pipes or barrels of nuclear waste.

The group had the opportunity to engage in a number of exhilarating matches over the duration of the event.

The "paintballers" had the chance to engage in combat in only the most advanced proportions that paintball warfare has to offer.

"It was an incredible experience as we played a fun and engaging game of paintball with people of many different origins and faiths," said Uzair Ahmed, a freshman at the University of Memphis and the organizer of the event.

It allowed for the attendees to interact with those from different backgrounds. It is always important to extend one's horizons and the paintball social allowed for people to do just that.

By engaging in an exciting activity that caters to both Muslims and non-Muslims alike, an opportunity arises to learn from and make friends with people we may not otherwise have the chance to meet.

901 Ummah will have more social events to bring the community together in the near future.

Photo by Uzair Ahmed

Attendees rest in between games.

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