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The cost of hijabi propaganda - Opinion

The hijab is no stranger to mainstream media. It has made its way to fashion weeks around the globe and Nike has even released a commercial sporting women in hijab.

It is to no surprise that the hijabi/modest fashion industry has skyrocketed, gaining mass popularity and attention. And with this, an influx in hijabi beauty bloggers has also come about.

Although many see this as a positive way to encourage the acceptance and tolerance of the hijab around the world, we must ask ourselves, at what cost is this coming with?

The hijab, among other things, is meant to be a symbol of modesty, a public declaration of our beliefs, a reflection of our devotion to Allah SWT, and most importantly, a way to bring us closer to Allah SWT.

Hijab commands us to focus on perfecting our inner character and to care less about our outward appearance.

The hijabi fashion industry creates a false sense of happiness through the use of its models and bloggers. It enslaves women and young girls causing them to think they must pile their face with makeup, must have the newest and most expensive name brand clothes and shoes, and must go on extravagant, exotic vacations in order to find true happiness.

Women and young girls are falling into a vortex of eyebrow pencils and matte lipsticks causing them to be more dedicated to perfecting their make up routine than to perfecting their nafs.

As Muslims, especially in the West, we should not sacrifice our morals and beliefs for the sake of acceptance. We should constantly remind ourselves of the true reasons for wearing hijab.

True happiness can only be found in the worship of Allah SWT and not in the worship of physical beauty.

This is not meant to shame women for wearing make up or for caring about their physical appearance.

The point of this article is to remind myself and all of you of what truly matters in this Dunya and that is pleasing Allah SWT.

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