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Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir - "#MyJourney" edition

901 Ummah introduced a new monthly series at Memphis Islamic Center on Sunday and started with Bilqis Abdul Qaadir, the Pleasant View School basketball coach and gym teacher who has struggled with her basketball career.

"#MyJourney" is a series that will focus on professionals sharing their journey to help the youth find who they want to become and how the youth can manage Islam and their career.

As night rolled in, the MIC began to fill as members of the community joined in to listen to Memphis’ very own Abdul-Qaadir tell her story.

Appealing to all youth and adults, Abdul-Qaadir shared her struggle during her journey, one which she still faces-- the FIBA ban on wearing the hijab.

As Abdul Qaadir continues on her journey, she will face FIBA’s national decision in regards to her headscarf in May.

As a community, she requests that we all make Duaa for her and pray for the best.

“Sister Bilqis did an amazing job of showing how hard work and perseverance in the name of Allah, results in positive outcomes," said Sahil Malani, the creator and organizer of the event.

Photo by Hassan Arshad

Abdul-Qaadir describes her journey of balancing basketball and Islam.

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