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MIFA engages Muslims in community service

Muslims from Memphis Islamic Center coordinated with the Metropolitan Interfaith Association to deliver a plethora of meals to the elderly in some of the more impoverished areas of Memphis on Saturday.

The seniors served were those unable to go to the grocery store to purchase their own groceries due to disability and medical inconveniences.

"Supporting the independence of vulnerable seniors and families in crisis through high-impact programs," said Linda Marks, the Volunteer Director of the program to the volunteers on MIFA's mission.

Marks also related to the volunteers how "proud and deeply moved" she was by their involvement, especially by the large number of people who were willing to dedicate their Saturday morning to this important project.

After the meals were delivered, the volunteers reconvened at MIFA. They reflected together as a group with Irem Khan, who has helped organize several joined MIC-MIFA events in the past, remarking that these projects really "make you appreciate what you have more."

"What y'all are doin- this right here is real special," said Jimmie Bullock, a 62-year-old senior to volunteers about his MIFA meal.

Photo by Sameer Mansour

Linda Marks explains MIFA's motto.

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