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S'mores and stories of the Prophet (PBUH)

What better setting to truly internalize and ponder over the stories of our prophet than under the endless stars staring at the flames of a bonfire.

901 Ummah held its next session of "A Beautiful Life" in the backyard of Memphis Islamic Center on Saturday with youth director Safi Khan illustrating another story of the beloved Prophet (PBUH).

The stories were heard by the diverse turn out. Community members of all ages came to satisfy their sweet tooth and curiosity of the times of the Prophet (PBUH).

Khan drew attention to how certain surahs in the Quran begin with a letter and how God has not given us a specific meaning to the letters.

The youth director reminded attendees of how even though not everything is always known- like why the planets revolve around the sun- the faith in our religion and Allah (SWT) must be constant just as the Prophet (PBUH) stayed faithful even during the long periods he waited for messages from above.

The bonfire came to a close with Khan emphasizing the respect that was given to Prophet's (PBUH) wife Khadijah and her role as an independent business woman, wife to the Prophet, and believer in God.

As one of the Prophet's (PBUH) favorite wives, she encapsulates the capabilities of a woman in Islam.

Women sometimes find themselves caught between cultural barriers, constraints on what a woman should and could do, Khadijah's image can be quite empowering to many women.

Khan advised attendees to view her as a real role model for Muslims of all ages and genders.

"I've never really had a role model before, but after hearing her (Khadijah) story I feel like she is the role model I've been looking for," said Hira Qureshi, a frequent attendee to the series. "I love how she was an independent woman, married the man she loved and a devout believer."

Photo by Saira Sikander

Attendees roast their marshmallows before Khan begins his talk.


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