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Happiness in the home a "College Hangouts" edition

Youth director, Safi Khan, made his way to the University of Memphis on Thursday and packed the UC Conference Room for the March edition of College Hangouts.

This month's talk centered around maintaining happiness in the home. Khan discussed the importance of family and upholding the often-neglected aspects of relationships between parents and children.

Among these was the need to forge a healthy, open relationship with one's parents.

In order to do so, Khan discussed the need to occasionally sacrifice one's time with friends and to dedicate that time to parents instead. Doing this may not be a tall task for many, but its impact speaks volumes.

Family time together contributes to fostering trust, appreciation, and understanding between parents and children.

"The talk was good, and the donuts were too." said Adam Munshi, a junior at U of M and an attendee.

College Hangouts had another great turnout. Be on the lookout for the Rhodes edition later this month.

Photo by Adam Munshi

Khan discusses happiness at home.

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