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Pleasant View School students showcase their talents

The first Pleasant View School Talent show took place on Friday in the PVS gymnasium with acts ranging from painting to Quran recitation.

As the clock stuck 6:30 p.m., a gush of competitors swarmed in, preparing for their acts. Excited and nervous as can be, the competitors took their positions while the judges and the audience slowly began to arrive.

The show commenced at 7 p.m. starting off with a Quran recitation by three elementary school girls. A variety of talents and acts were presented including Alhussein Hadidi with his yoyo tricks, Haneen Jaber and her paint display, Emily Hamdallah and Sara Ghawji’s hula hoop and song recital.

The show lasted for around an hour, filling the gym with constant laughter, joy and excitement.

As the acts were completed and the show went into intermission, Robert Schueller, PVS a.p. teacher and talent show judge, remarked “tonight was an accurate representation of why PVS is the place I want to teach."

First place went to a spoken word, second place to Tala' al Badru 'Alayna, and third to yoyo tricks. The night soon ended with all audience looking forward to the next PVS talent show.

"While I was performing, I was very nervous but it jut came together at the end and I’m so happy to have this opportunity and most definitely look forward to the next one," said Haneen Jaber a competitor.

Photo by Mariam Khayata

Haneen Jaber paints for the judges.

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