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MIST - Day One

The day started early with competitors and coaches arriving at Memphis Islamic Center at 7:30 a.m. to finish signing forms and picking up t-shirts. After roll-call, the bus was loaded and the ride to MIST began.

MIST or Muslim Inter-Scholastic Tournament is an annual tournament for high school students across Tennessee to compete in tournaments ranging from art to Quran recitation to sports.

After a three-hour ride, the 901 Ummah team reached Nashville and headed to Vanderbilt University to compete in their first competitions, soccer and basketball.

Boys and girls fought vigorously in each sport striving for the first place.

After scoring a tie twice in both overtimes, the girl's soccer team placed in fourth place. The girls played against St.Louis, Nashville, and Huntsville, their top competitor, according to one scorekeeper.

The boys' soccer team beat the girls' and placed third. The team played against Huntsville in the semi-finals and tied. They lost in penalties, 5-4.

The girls did not participate in basketball this year but the boys did and placed first playing against Chattanooga, St. Louis, Nashville, and Murfreesboro. They won each game they played and this is the third year in a row the boys' team has won first.

Day two will have Quran recitation, 2-D and 3-D art, photography, graphic design, fashion design, knowledge test, math olympics, "Improv," debate, "MIST Bowl," short film, and others.

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