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MIST - Day Three

The last day of MIST began at 6 a.m. with Fajr prayer and checking out all competitors and coaches from the hotel.

At Vanderbilt University, the final competitions took place- writing, oratory, spoken word and "MIST Bowl" where the 901 Ummah team competed in all.

Once all competitions had concluded, the award ceremony commenced with all teams ready to hear the winners. As the auditorium filled, chants echoed back and forth amongst the teams, amplifying the anticipation and adding to the excitement of the weekend's activities.

The ceremony awarded all the winners from every completion.

As the fourth annual MIST tournament, the ceremony opened up by recognizing all four-time competitors.

Then the winners were announced by each category.

Sisters Amal and Sumeiah Altareb placed in Quran recitation. Sumeiah won first and Amal won third.

In art, sisters Eman Naseer won first in 3-D art and Lyba Naseer won second place in 2-D art. Fatema Habib also placed and won 2-D art.

Spoken word and original oratory were announced next and the 901 team placed in both categories. Sabrina Wilson won second place in spoken word and Tariq Usmani won first in original oratory.

Brother's "Improv" won third place and Sister's "Improv" won first.

Mohamed Abdo won second in Nasheed/Rap.

Brother's basketball team won first place continuing their three-year winning streak. The boys also won third in soccer.

Yousef Husein won second in community service.

Overall the weekend was filled with passionate competitors fighting for the 901 name and understanding the meaning of the theme, "Striving for beauty in an imperfect world."

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