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"A Beautiful Life" series continues after one-week hiatus

After a one-week hiatus "A Beautiful Life," the weekly halaqa series at Memphis Islamic Center returned on Friday night.

With plenty of donuts and coffee, the crowd eagerly congregated at the back of the prayer area for this week's talk.

In his discussion, Youth Director Safi Khan discussed a myriad of points.

One of these involved the trials and tribulations many of the first Muslims had to endure.

"The first converts to Islam set the precedent for what Muslims should be," said Khan.

These converts had to pray in privacy out of worry for their own safety. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was among them and had to deal with many issues, including personal ones.

The Quraysh told his uncle, Abu Talib, to talk to the prophet (PBUH) and convince him to stop spreading his message because of the problems it was causing them. When this did not work, more slander and hostilities were directed toward the Prophet (PBUH). at one point labeled as a sorcerer. Abu Lahab, whose sons were married to Prophet's (PBUH) daughters, forced his sons to divorce their wives.

Such lessons show the example that had been set before Muslims and grants an appreciation for the faith and the ability to practice it.

Isa Hamadeh, one of the attendees, said that he "liked the talk and the donuts."

Photo by Hassan Arshad

Khan explains the coverts' trials and tribulations.

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