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Resistance, humility and exile in the Prophet's (PBUH) Life at "A Beautiful Life"

The "A Beautiful Life series continued this week with Youth Director Safi Khan about resistance, humility and exile. Khan began by discussing the viral video of Ibn Ali Miller who stopped between two high schoolers in Atlanta. Khan explained Miller's bravery as he faced off against the rowdy teens. Miller's story lead into the reason there was so much resistance against the Prophet (PBUH). Many opposed his message because they saw it as a threat to the norm and their wealth. The Prophet (PBUH) showed his humility when one of the resistance members, Utbah ibn Rabiah, came to him with a bribe suggesting the Prophet (PBUH) should give up his message. Rather than taking the money offered, the Prophet (PBUH) rejected Rabiah's bribe and gifted Rabiah with a verse from the Quran that moved Rabiah to tell his people to listen to the Prophet (PBUH). Khan explained that the Prophet (PBUH) used the Quran as "a form of defense." Khan ended his class reassuring the youth there is always a reason behind whatever happens in their lives and the importance of saying Allah (SWT) name after anything. "The prophets of Allah (SWT) are not sent to people in good condition ... Allah sends down Prophets when they're needed," said Khan. The Prophet waited for two weeks to get a revelation that could define his legitimacy. When he did, he was told to never say anything without saying "InshaAllah."

Photo by Saira Sikander

Khan talks about resistance, humility and exile in the Prophet's (PBUH) life.

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