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The "A Beautiful Life" series starts at new time, attracting crowds

Starting at a new time, Youth Director Safi Khan started his “A Beautiful Life” class at 8 p.m. on Friday rather than the usual 7:30 p.m. time with a bigger crowd attending.

Khan highlighted the importance of the definition of sabr (صَبْرٌ).

The word is often associated with fasting and patience, however patience is like "getting stuck in a downpour and waiting for it to pass," it is gathering the courage and keep going. Thus perseverance better defines the term “saber.”

Khan discussed a very important lesson that entailed Omar Ibn Al Khattab’s strong and straightforward characteristics.

Al Khattab's stance on trying to rid the Quraysh of the new emerging religion (Islam) was to directly get rid of the source of conflict, rather than torturing the Muslims.

This meant killing Prophet Muhammad himself. On Al Khattab's journey to do so, Khan explained morally feeling the need to control our anger.

Khan described that anger consumed Khattab to beating his sister upon learning she had accepted Islam. However, Khattab realized his mistake and accepted Islam.

“We have not sent down the Quran to oppress you or stress you out, nor make you feel uncomfortable,” written in Surah Ta-Ha.

Photo by Saira Sikander

Khan talks about sabr.

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