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Youth come out to barbecue picnic "Grill and Chill" at Memphis Islamic Center

Memphis Islamic Center's flourishing youth program hosted another event lead by Safi Khan, the mosque's youth director, on Saturday.

Youth talked with friends and ate barbecue at "Grill and Chill" the picnic Khan created to allow students to a break from school and everyday life.

Over 100 people attend the picnic, enjoying hamburgers made by Adam Munshi, a member of 901 Ummah.

“Grilling has always been a staple thing (my friends and I) like to do, so we translated that out to the Grill and Chill that happened this past Saturday,” said Khan.

The attendees played basketball, soccer, four-squares and just hung out outside the mosque’s gazebos and near the lake.

“Grill and Chill” marked another successful youth event, and further of amplified Memphis's expectations for its growing youth community.

Photo by Eman Habib

Youth hang out in the gazebos.

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