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"College Hangouts" at Rhodes College tackles the difference of gratitude and judgement in

Memphis Islamic Center’s Youth Director Safi Khan and the Rhodes College Muslim Student Association hosted a college hangout titled “Balancing College and Faith,” on Wednesday.

"With finals coming up, it was a timely reminder that I think all in attendance benefitted from immensely,” said Hamid Shirwany, a sophomore at Rhodes and president of the MSA.

Khan opened the discussion by noting the reality that life is full of struggles- anything worth pursuing will require effort and struggle.

However, Khan also pointed to the ayahs of the Qur’an and the traditions of the Prophet (PBUH) to show that Islam tells us how to deal with that struggle and how to use it to make us stronger people- stronger as students and stronger as Muslims.

“Safi always comes up with relevant and important topics and manages to relate to us as college students very well,” said Azeez Shala, the vice-president of the MSA at Rhodes.

With delicious waffles and good company, the event was an astounding success.

“Stunning work here by Safi Khan," said Hibah Virk, the treasurer of the MSA. "Bravo!”

Photo by Iqra Siddiq

Students listen as Khan explains the difference between being grateful and being judgmental when it comes to struggle.

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