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"Hangouts" returns to Memphis Islamic Center

Memphis Islamic Center Youth Director Safi Khan's "Hangouts" program returned on Saturday at MIC with attendees enjoying the afternoon at the mosque.

The event focused on giving the youth as well as parents the opportunity to socialize as well as engage in their faith. During "Hangouts," attendees played soccer, basketball, video games, ate and enjoyed each other's company. The event concluded with everyone congregating together to pray Asr together.

Attendees had positive feedback on the event with some even arriving early including Mohammed Yusuf, a senior at Harding Academy who came to MIC early for a NBA Playoffs watch party.

One of the attendees, Abdallah Elkhayat, a freshman at Germantown High School, said that he "enjoyed the opportunity to wreck his friends on the soccer field."

Photo by Hassan Arshad

Attendees play soccer at MIC field.

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