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Memphis college students participate "Muslim Student Association Showdown"

University of Memphis Muslim Student Association students spent three days in the Great Smoky Mountains competing in various competitions against other universities’ MSA across Tennessee and beyond.

“MSA Showdown” is a statewide competition that engages the MSA of different schools in spirituality and the arts, with competitions in art, photography, spoken word, short film, improv, nasheed, tajweed, team spirit and best team overall.

The showdown is hosted by University of Tennessee at Knoxville and in previous years was held on their campus, but this year the showdown was held as a retreat in the Great Smoky Mountains.

“I myself have felt the religious and social growth the retreat stimulated and from their testimonies, I believe my members felt the same impact,” said Abeer Abdelrahim, U of M’s MSA president. “It was a wonderful weekend filled with endless knowledge and personal exploration, all the while having the utmost fun and enjoying ourselves and one another.”

U of M’s team had several students from Rhodes College, Southwest Community College and Christian Brothers University come along.

U of M’s team won first in improv, short film, tajweed, photography, team spirit and best team overall. The team also placed second in art and spoken word.

“MSA showdown was the greatest experience I have ever had,” said Saira Sikander, a U of M student who won second place in photography. “Not only did it bring me closer to the people from my community, but it also brought us closer to our iman.”

Photo by Saira Sikander

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