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'Feed the city' feeds people in need despite the rain

901 Ummah's first "Feed the City" of 2017 took place Saturday at Morris Park in downtown Memphis and gave out food and water to people in need.

The event aims to provide meals to people affected by homelessness. Over a dozen volunteers of all ages showed up to the park to help pack the meals and hand them out to anyone that needed them.

Although the event was shortened due to rain, the event successfully provided food for around 20 people. The majority of the meals were delivered by hand, and leftovers were taken to a shelter.

"This was my first time coming to a Feed the City and I really enjoyed it," said Mohammad Abaji, one of the volunteers at the event. "I definitely want to come back when the next one happens."

Bilal Siddiq, the organizer of the event said that he organized the event because "[he] enjoys performing community service as it has been something he has been doing since high school and he wanted to continue to keep doing something that made a positive impact on people in the city."

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