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Knoxville law student traces back the origins of Islam

901 Ummah held their first workshop of the year on Friday at the Memphis Islamic Center with guest speaker Drost Kokoye, a Kurdish law student from Knoxville, Tennessee.

Bringing out a large number of youth, adults, and families, Kokoye was able to create an interactive environment informing attendees about the origins of Islam in America and pointing out discrepancies found in history.

Dividing Islamic history in America into 3 parts, race, region and sect, attendees were able to better understand their history and further learn from each other about Islam’s impact in America.

"The event was very enlightening and allowed me to gain a new female role model, Drost,” said Ibtihal Malley, a Pleasant View School 11-grade student.

With a delicious concession stand, an interactive audience, and a holy environment, the event proved as a recipe for success.

“The diversity in age, race, and life experience in the room is what made the workshop a success," Kokoye said. "It was cool to talk about how plurality in the Muslim community has been documented while sitting in a room of Muslims from so many different walks of life, MashaAllah.”

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