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Second annual Palestine Festival brings crowd

The second annual Palestine Festival celebrated the country’s culture on Saturday in Overton Park with hundreds of Memphians from different faiths, races, and cultures attending.

The festival included live music, authentic dabke dancing, delicious Palestinian cuisine, famous Palestinian clothing brands, local vendors and a fashion show.

The festival was displayed the Palestinian culture and spirit to raise awareness and educate locals about Israel’s occupied Palestinian territories.

“As an organizer seeing the Palestine Festival from start to finish I can always see room for improvement but this year was so special for us in many ways,” said Yasmine Omari, one of the festival organizers.”The amount of press coverage and interest we received beforehand was wonderful! Another thing that really warmed my heart was the many people that reached out to us after the festival with so many beautiful stories and positive comments. Overall this year was a success and it's great to be part of the emergence of more cultural festivals and events in Memphis.”

Photo By: Saira Sikandar

Crowds join in traditional Arabic Dhebka dance.

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