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Sunset, s’mores and smiles at the last 'A Beautiful Life'

Sunset, s’mores and smiles filled Friday night’s bonfire at Memphis Islamic Center, hosted by Youth Director Safi Khan.

The night started off with a brief run down on upcoming 901 Ummah events such as the Heart Song Church interfaith picnic and the Team Fajr hike at Shelby Farms. Khan then spoke about the importance of prayer and its ability to cleanse the heart.

“Even as MSA (Muslim Student Association) president, Safi’s Friday night talks always teach me something new in a fun and friendly environment,” said Abeer Abdelrahim, University of Memphis sophomore. “There’s nothing like getting close to my faith with my friends and s’mores.”

The last Beautiful Life talk will be held on Friday, May 5, but an extension of the halikahs will begin this May entitled "Sacred Scrolls," inshallah. Though geared towards college students, 901 welcomes all members to attend.

Photo By: Saira Sikandar

Hamza Ahmed is pictured above starting the youth bonfire.

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