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Community celebrates youth at 901 Ummah fundraiser

901 Ummah fundraiser brought out the entire community to celebrate and support their accomplishments on Tuesday at the Great Hall in Germantown, Tennessee with talented performances, engrossing speakers, and iftar.

With MC Saira Sikandar and Fatema Habib, the night started off with a Quran recitation followed by 6 various community speakers including Malik Shaw, Abdallah Hussain, Asad Ansari, Danish Siddiqui, Sheikh Yasir Qadhi and Imam Anwar Arafat.

Along with the testimonials, Sikandar showcased her 901 Ummah short film that highlighted the numerous events the organization has hosted and displayed the tightknit bond of all of its members.

"The event was a great way to remember everything we've done and realize how much we have grown as an organization.” said Habib.

Raising over $33,000 over the span of the night, the nonprofit organization hopes to expand its horizons and continue to develop its different branches.

“Everything we've done the past two years was on display for the entire community to see and it all came together representing what 901 Ummah is, every aspect of it,” said 901 Ummah President Sameer Mansour. “It was humbling to see all that support especially when those that came out were such a diverse mix of different parts of our community. It showed we really are reaching across the city. This is just one step in the larger picture of what we want to accomplish. But it was a memorable one.”

Filmed by Saira Sikandar

The 901 Ummah short film highlights the organizations journey.

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