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901 Ummah hosts a youth interfaith Iftar at MIC

Safi Khan, youth director at the Memphis Islamic Center, organized a Youth Interfaith Iftar on June 7th at MIC with food and small talks on interfaith.

A youth group from Farmington Presbyterian Church joined youth from MIC. Over good food and under the peaceful summer night sky, the church youth group got to hear the adhan, learned about fasting, and got to participate in an iftar dinner.

“I really enjoyed this event because I got to talk about Islam but also got to learn more about another faith tradition” said Sahil Malani, a 901 Ummah member.

Members of both groups thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people from different faith backgrounds.

"While it was tough to miss the Cavs-Warriors game, this kind of event was worth it! I hope to be a part of more of these interfaith gatherings in the future,” said Safwan Arshad, another attendee.

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