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Annual MIC fundraiser raises funds for the next phase

Memphis Islamic Center's annual fundraiser for the construction of its new facility took place on June 10 at the Esplanade Banquet and Conference Center in Cordova with the goals to fulfill the next step.

This year's fundraiser aimed to gather funds for the next phase of the project, completing the interior of the building.

The night began with a Quran recitation from Sheikh Ibrahim Sabri, MIC's guest imam this Ramadan and featured a testimonial from Sheikh Yasir Qadhi who discussed the new masjid drawing inspiration from architecture in Cordoba, Spain. Dr. Basher Shala also provided an update on the construction.

The fundraising portion of the event also featured an auction for funds to be allocated toward the masjid. The highlight of the night was the auctioning of a gold ring for $51,000. What made it all the more impressive was the fact that the family who donated the ring to be auctioned promised to match the highest bid, effectively doubling the donation.

The event amassed over 200 guests, and although it did not achieve their goal it collected over $700,000 for the next phase of construction.

"It was great to see the community come together to build toward a future that is not only for themselves, but for future generations as well," said Bilal Siddiq, a volunteer at the event and regular attendee at MIC.

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