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'Sacred Scrolls' class focuses on dua

Safi Khan, the youth director at the Memphis Islamic Center, hosted the second of his educational series titled “Sacred Scrolls” on June 11 at MIC with spaghetti and garlic bread for attendees to enjoy.

The program is meant for college students and young professionals, a demographic that has often been overlooked in the past.

This week’s session focused on the etiquettes of dua. Using the example of Prophet Zakariyah and his famous dua, Khan discussed some practical steps to improve one’s dua.

“I really benefitted from this discussion and am excited about practicing what I learned here on a daily basis” said Hasan Arshad, a college student at the University of Memphis.

Of course, no youth program is complete without food, and as Zaid Ahmad, a student at Rhodes College, said, “the spaghetti and the garlic bread were on point.”

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