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'Meals on Wheels' feeds 180 in three hours

As the sun rose in the morning of Saturday June 17, so did the Muslim youth of Memphis as they united together at the Memphis InterFaith Association center to participate in the “Meals on Wheels” event.

At 10 a.m., all attendees gathered inside the MIFA center, splitting up into groups and receiving different routes. The groups then dispersed and began the distribution process which lasted about an hour.

As all the distributors completed their tasks, the attendees returned to the MIFA center to reflect on their experiences, discussing different ways to further help those in need and the effects that this event has on the city as a whole.

Bringing out over 40 individuals, the community was able to feed more than 180 people in the span of three hours.

“I've done Meals on Wheels about three times so far and every time I do it during Ramadan I'm pleasantly surprised by how much more energy I have,” said Ilsa Saeed, a Loyola University student who attended the event. “My favorite part was definitely the discussion at the end, I feel like we really tackled some issues many people are afraid to bring up in conversation.”

Photo by Irem Khan

Volunteers reflect on their experiences.

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