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'One Hand Refugee Drive Distribution' gifts 43 families

Several volunteers helped with the "One Hand Refugee Drive Distribution" on June 23 and June 24 by delivering gifts just in time for Eid to families located in the River Trace Apartments near Pleasant View School, as well as several families in the Binghampton area.

For the last two weeks of Ramadan, members of both Memphis Islamic Center and Masjid ar-Rahman donated toys and money for the annual "Eid Toy Drive" for the refugee families housed in Memphis.

With the funds collected, families were supplied with gifts and gift cards for purchasing new clothes at a nearby Old Navy. This year's drive provided 43 families in Memphis gifts.

The families were all extremely grateful for the gifts and company by their Muslim brothers and sisters. Volunteers were frequently invited in, and able to socialize with the families. This was the most meaningful and significant portion of the event for most of the volunteers.

Areej Khan, the youngest volunteer in attendance, shared how sharing and handing out the gifts along with "talking with the families" gave her a "sense of happiness."

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Photo by Safwan Arshad

Sahil Malani, a 901 Ummah member, gives gifts to a family.

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