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'Grill and Chill' barbecue concludes Eid festivities

Memphis Islamic Center's Youth Director Safi Khan concluded the week of Eid festivities with a "Grill and Chill" barbecue for the youth, young professionals and parents on July 2 at MIC.

The event began after Asr prayer with great food prepared by Adam Munshi, Safwan Arshad and Sameer Mansour. Hamburgers, hot dogs and Philly steak sandwiches were served.

Although early forecasts called for rain during the time of the barbeque, the attendees were able to enjoy the sun for the entirety of the event.

Some of the youth even took the opportunity to play soccer on the masjid's soccer field, despite the heat.

"We had a solid amount of people show up today," Khan said. "When young people get together for the sake of Allah and good company, great memories are made."

Photo by Saira Sikandar

Youth enjoy good weather and food at MIC.

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