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'Scared Scrolls' discusses the topic of assumptions

Photo by Saira Sikandar

College students listen as Khan talks about assumptions.

Bella’s pizza was the treat of choice at this week’s Sacred Scrolls class, held by Youth Director Safi Khan, at Memphis Islamic Center.

The class, which is held biweekly on Sundays, is geared towards degree seeking youth and young professionals between the ages of 18 and 30 and discusses various topics that connect Islamic values to contemporary struggles.

This week’s discussion dissected Surah Hujurat, connecting it to modern issues such as assumptions. Khan addressed the importance of not only avoiding voicing and acting upon assumptions, but also avoiding the thought as a whole.

“Allah tells us that sometimes making assumptions about others can lead to sin. And it’s such a habit of humans to make assumptions about people, that we have to work hard to keep it away from our hearts,” Khan said.

The last Sacred Scrolls class will be held on August 27th. However, classes will continue for college students biweekly at the University of Memphis and monthly at Rhodes University.

Inshallah, University of Memphis Muslim Student’s Association will be holding the first Coffee Talk of the academic year on Thursday, September 7th at 12pm.

"Another great class that really deepened my understanding of the Quran and the depth of the verses within it," said attendee Hira Qureshi, a sophomore at University of Memphis.

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