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Youth hike on the Wolf River Greenway trail for 'Team Fajr'

Photo by Hira Qureshi

Saira Sikandar and others lead the group to the finish line.

The youth started their Saturday with some exercise and spirituality with this month's "Team Fajr" on August 12 at the Wolf River Greenway trail where they walked two miles after praying Fajr.

"Team Fajr" began with Fajr prayer at 5:15. After MIC Youth Director Safi Khan gave a small talk on Fajr prayer and how it is the most difficult prayer.

"It was really refreshing," Khan said. "An amazing way to combine spirituality and keeping fit, which are both a part of Islam."

About 20 youth of various ages carpooled to the Wolf River Greenway trail. The group walked for two miles, and at the end Khan gave a short Dua.

"Team Fajr" ended some much needed breakfast at Waffle House.

"Team fajr was both physically and spirtually rewarding," said attendee Saira Sikandar.

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