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'Divine Verses' talks about the day of Ashura

Khan gives his ten-minute lecture to the youth.

Photo by Saira Sikandar

Youth Director Safi Khan organized his regular bonfire for the youth to get a chance to relax, socialize and roast some marshmallows on Sept. 29 at Memphis Islamic Center's backyard.

Khan had a short ten-minute reminder for the youth about the importance of the day of Ashura which was Oct. 1. He emphasized Allah’s unlimited mercy mentioning that Allah gives us several chances for our sins to be forgiven.

"Why does Allah give so many opportunities for people to have their sins erased the year before and the year after,” Khan asked the youth congregation.

“Allah is literally giving you chance after chance after chance…the benefit is all the same, you get sins forgiven," Khan said in response. "Why would you pass on an opportunity like that.”

Friday night's bonfire brought several young people together to relax and have a good time while pondering on this simple reflection about fasting on the very blessed day of Ashura.

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