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Saira Sikandar hosts Photography Workshop

Attendees listen as Saira Sikander instructs them in regards to how to structure their camera angles.

Photo by Azeem Ansari

On Saturday June 2nd, Saira Sikandar hosted a photography workshop at the Memphis Islamic Center for all ages to learn some basic photo-taking skills using a phone camera.

Saira enjoys photography as a hobby and mentioned that she cultivated this interest when her father gave her a camera at the age of eight.

She held this workshop to teach simple tips and tricks that anyone can use without having had any prior experience.

A few of the concepts she mentioned were the rule of thirds, bird’s eye view angle, and natural frames.

This workshop allowed participants to get creative and go around different parts of MIC to apply the techniques that they learned.

Fatema Habib, an attendee of this workshop said, “Photography 101 was a great class to offer. We truly have so much talent and potential in this community. The people enjoyed the interactivity and experimentation of the different rules. This is a class we’ll definitely want more of.”

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